March 23, 2015

How might game playing behaviour influence or inform education practices?

"Team touching hands".  Image uploaded by Howcheng on
“Team touching hands”. Image uploaded by Howcheng on

In their paper Videogame structural characteristics: A new psychological taxonomy, King, Delfabbro & Griffiths (2010, p.106) propose that the set of video game characteristics that they present in their taxonomy is of benefit to psychologists, video game players and the video game industry because:

As video games become increasingly complex and interwoven into the cultural landscape, it is important that researchers can recognise and understand the psychological effects that these new technologies can bring for players, for better or worse.

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March 9, 2015

GAMES & GAMING HAVE ARRIVED: What am I going to do about it?

The advent of mobile technologies is inspiring new ways of thinking about the use of technology in the classroom…(but) modern K-12 learning environments are not exclusively about the technology. It’s about finding out how teachers are using these emerging technologies in sustainable ways.

(Daniel Donahoo)


I work in a primary school Library & Contemporary Learning Centre. One aspect of my role is to model what contemporary learning spaces can look and feel like, and to help encourage and support classroom teachers to implement contemporary pedagogy in their teaching and learning programs. I try to actively make use of technology and contemporary pedagogy to help create meaningful and exciting learning opportunities for our students, and am keen to further explore how to use game-based learning (particularly digital and video games) as one of the tools to achieve this. Continue reading