August 1, 2014

Re-designing Brainstorming Sessions

image by Emilian Robert Vico - Public Domain Photos

image by Emilian Robert Vico – Public Domain Photos

Rather than redesigning a physical space, I thought I would try to redesign the organisation of brainstorming sessions that are included in many of the learning experiences that take place in the space I work in (our primary school’s Library & Contemporary Learning Centre – CLiC).   The process of BRAINSTORMING has been mentioned often in our readings so far, with Sutton & Hargadon (1996) saying that although it is the simplest-appearing of skills, it “take months or years of practice before being effective”.  We utilise brainstorming to generate ideas, and good ideas gets innovation going (Kuratko, D., Goldsworthy, M., & Hornsby, G. (2012).  It is vital therefore that the brainstorming session be well run so that it can be as “fertile” a ground as possible for good ideas/creativity to take seed and grow.

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