Image by Pavan Trikutam

Image by Pavan Trikutam

Neil Gaiman implores us to”Make good art”:





Kieran Egan: Learning in Depth

One of the gifts of learning in depth is that as you begin to amass genuine expertise, you learn how insecure knowledge really is and how little we truly understand about almost anything…It gives a sense of the mystery of knowledge and adds a dimension to the engagement of imagination.

Alastair Blythe: The Key to Effective Learning Environments

 a great school building will not rescue poor school leadership and teaching, but it can leverage effective leadership and teaching. 

Mike McEnearney, Rosebery’s Kitchen By Mike

Eating ancestrally:  

…making their own chutney, brewing their own beer and buying food without a barcode on it.

Alastair Blyth:  University of the Future

Although universities must enable individuals to learn at their own pace and in their own place, crucially they must enable individuals to connect with each other. The exchange of information, knowledge and ideas between people is critical for not only learning but also for generating new ideas. 

Ron BergerAn Ethic of Excellence (p.63, 120)

Self esteem from accomplishments, not compliments

For anyone with talent and options, choosing to enter teaching and giving up the money, flexibility  and respect that so many other careers offer is crazy.    Unless you see teaching as a calling.    Unless you feel that teaching is what you are intended for; that it is your way to share the best of what you have to give to the world.

Life long learning means giving students more opportunities to ASK:

Research from the learning sciences and brain research also suggests a reverse of the typical orientation of curricula – from Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes (known as KSA), where knowledge receives the most time and attention in classrooms – to Attitudes, Skills and Knowledge, or ASK (OECD, 2002).

Ewan McIntosh: How to Come Up With Great Ideas And Actually Make Them Happen (2014, p. 84)

Jargon is the bane of innovation

Kurti, R., Kurti, D. L., & Fleming, L. (2014).

The path to success is paved with failures

Bruner, 1996

deep immersion in a consequential activity

Veloso, L., Marques, J. S., & Duarte, A. (2014, p.404).

For over a century, schools have been built based on the industrial paradigm, placing a group of pupils in a standardised space (classroom) during an academic year, so that they would all acquire the basic skills until they reached the age of leaving school. The industrial school model perpetuates the idea of learning as a linear and predictable process, in which the teacher has the knowledge and transmits it to the pupils who are evaluated through written tests that assess whether they have acquired that knowledge or not.

Joi Ito @Joi

education vs learning


data to WISDOM

Sir Ken Robinson

If you’re not prepared to be wrong, you’ll never come up with anything original.


DESIGN THINKING in “Slaves of Socorro” by John Flanagan (p.215)

Hal shrugged.  “I’ll face that problem when we get to it.  With any luck, the wind will favour us.  Otherwise, we’ll have to make sure we get a head start on them, so we’re out to sea before they have a chance to catch up.”

“Looks like you’ve thought of everything,” Gilan said.

“No.  I know I haven’t.   There’s always something you haven’t thought of.  But over the next few days, I’ll try to fill in as many gaps as I can.”

Gilan clapped him on the shoulder.  “I like the way you think,” he said quietly.  “It never pays to be overconfident and it’s always a good idea to assume that something will go wrong.”



Nicholas Negroponte (in Joi Ito clip)

Demo or die

Paul Bennett from IDEO

blinding glimpse

John Hockenberry

Every object should imagine a user

Today we don’t confront the chaos of nature. Today it is the chaos of humanity’s impact on the Earth itself that we confront.


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