The Seven Spaces at LFA

I thought I would take a look at various spaces at Lake Forest Academy (LFA), the school I’m focusing on for my final project.

1) Secret spaces include

individual study rooms and

isolated locatios around campus where kids can go to be alone. *

2) Group spaces:

My favorite physical group space is the formal gardens where the annual start of school all school handshake takes place. (usually the first picture that pops up on the website)

I would suggest that a digital group space is Twitter:

3)  Publishing spaces:



4) Performing spaces:

Volleyball court *

hockey rink *

5) Participation spaces:

science center garden,

robotics lab *

6) Watching spaces:

arts center,

tv monitors in academic hallways *

7) Data spaces:

historical sports rosters/stats on the school website?

student gmail accounts used for school?

* Posted on the Flickr INF536 group site are the following pictures:

* volleyball

* hockey

* robotics lab – participating space

* watching space – tv monitors in the hallways playing new channels

* secret space – soft chairs overlooking the parking lot on a fall day


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