Failed Cubicle Design

IMG_6619 IMG_6618

I thought I would share some Friday humor with a couple failed cubicle designs.  As our work cubicles get increasingly smaller, the two cartoons I posted on Flickr have surfaced in our office as possible future configurations.  Enjoy.


I stumbled upon an article by Chicago architectural firm Perkins Will about designing learning spaces for a creative, collaborative future.

The author makes a case for transforming the physical spaces in schools to mirror those spaces of our most innovative companies, like Google, Apple, Pixar, etc. where “multidisciplinary, integrated teams work in close proximity, all focusing on solutions to a particular problem,” as well designed spaces will lead to a more creative and collaborative future.

I wonder to what extent our schools have been adopting the space designs of innovative companies for educational purposes, and hope that over the course of the semester I have a few Eureka moments for designing creative and collaborative learning spaces.