Survey: Students Opinions of GBL in a Regional Victorian School

I was able to survey a cross section of students at a regional secondary school in Victoria. In general, it was clear that the majority of students play games and believe they are a source of learning and motivation/engagement.

Here are the results.

I also collated student results to the examples of games they played in class and have grouped them in terms of their pedagogical underpinning. It seems as though a sizeable chunk of students included games they play outside of class time. This could account for the high number of computer off the shelf (COTs) titles included.


Please list your favourite games to play in class and briefly explain why you like them







Squirt squirt Ball games

ball games squirt squirt because they are fun and take away the border of learning



Farming Simulator because I want to be a farmer when I am older


parking mania, i play it on my phone, it taught me how to drive and park a car in real life.


Um more interactive stuff get students engaged, if you just put more technology i.e games it makes them less focussed, it may be good for the people who are super techy and live for computers but others will probably hate it, if the teacher here introduced more interactive learning and no technology it would be amazing.


Wink murder and other small games




Depends on what game, most games i play revolve around strategy and combat where as the games we play at school just aren’t really interesting to me.



Skill and Drill

hot maths






Some games such as kahoot are because you are competing against others but, others can be boring, and without any reward (ie winning)

Kahoot, Everyone loves it, motivates people to learn and they win like that.

Kahoot because it helps

Kahoot because it ios fun




Kahoot, because they test the knowledge that you learn in class and manages to make it fun while doing it.

I enjoy a kahoot every now and then. It brings excitement to the classroom while keeping things educational.

Kahoot, because it is exciting and fun

I don’t play games during class. Unless the teacher decided that a ‘Kahoot’ or other online learning activities. Then yes, I like those ones because they are educational.



freeriderHD offline editor, forza horizon 3, COD BO3, GTA 5.

Battlefield 1, Because it is fun

Fifa, Maden, NBA, Forza, Tom Clancy I like these games because they relate towards my hobbies and add an element of skill needed to be good at what you play.

GTA V cause its fun

NOT KAHOOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

100 balls, moron test i like them because they are strategy games. they make you think

i like to play forza horizon 3 because im intrested in cars

firewatch, the art style

GTA 5. Farcry 4

and GTA V

Fps because their fun and intense

Nba 2k 11 because it goes on and on

Black Ops 3 and NBA 2K17

NBA and mostly other sports games and I don;t really know why I like them


energiser games we play with Mrs Mai

Name the most different things on a subject help you learn about the subject and is fun

I don’t play games in class, I prefer to read book and sniff the dust.

My mummy tells me not to play games. But i like to play COC (Clash of Clans) and Clash Royale. and especially Minecraft. Minecraft is my favourite game of all time. IT AMAZING!!!!

nba jam because i play with mates

Broforce The escapist Marble Blast

Call Of Duty: Because you can play with friends and its addictive.

FIFA 17 Because I believe that if you play it the right way you can learn and get a lot out of it

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