New Culture of Learning Reflection

Thomas and Brown’s (2011) ‘new culture of learning’ reflects “a growing digital and networked infrastructure [that] is amplifying our ability to access and use nearly unlimited resources and incredible instruments while connecting to one another at the same time”(p. 17-18, 2011). They highlight “play, questioning and imagination” (p. 19) as the base of this approach to learning.


This culture of learning is something that’s resonated with me and reflecting back to recent years, has encapsulated some of my evolution as an educator. I’ve been able to take my learning online and grow and connect with other educators by sharing resources, opinions and classroom experience. Questioning has been the driving force behind this journey of professional improvement and it’s been successful as a result of exploration or ‘play’ on networked environments.


Thomas and Brown (2011) posits: “What happens to learning when we move from the stable infrastructure of the twentieth century to the fluid infrastructure of the twenty-first-century where technology is constantly creating and responding to change?”(p. 17). Herein lies the difficulty when attempting to change school culture to enable a focus on modern education. Many educators are not yet ready to make that shift despite the technological change that’s already happened. Without this acceptance, many will continue to use the ‘old culture of learning.’



Thomas, D., & Brown, J. S. (2011). Arc-of-Life learning. In A new culture of learning:

Cultivating the imagination for a world of constant change (pp. 17-33). Lexington, KY: CreateSpace.

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