Koehler and Mishra (2009) begin their explanation of TPACK with an acknowledgement that teachers today are dealing with new challenges because of the prevalence of technology available to them (p.61). As a result, Shulman’s (1986) model of PCK (pedagogy and content knowledge) needed to be reimaged as ‘TPACK’ and incorporate the use of technology in the classroom.


TPACK, technology pedagogical content knowledge model,  “enables them [teachers] to identify what they must learn more about in order to implement a given technology integration strategy to best effect” (Mishra & Koeholer, 2006. as cited in Roblyer and Doering, 200, p.68). When planning units, assessment and lessons, models such as these should be employed to ensure you have the desired outcome.


My History with TPACK

To be honest, I’ve had very little to do with TPACK. The acronym seemed familiar when coming across it in this week’s reading but as far as my work goes, I’ve never actually used this particular model. Going forward, I’ll definitely use it to unpack the goals and objectives I set out.


Where do I fit?

In most cases, I’d place myself  in the TCK area (Technological content knowledge). I feel as though I’m moving through a stage in my development where I’m trying to experiment with a variety a pedagogical approaches and figuring which one best suits my learners. So that being said, my knowledge of tech and content is a strength I possess.




What’s in a name? 

Roblyer and Doering (2014) have changed the name TPACK to Tech-Pack in order “to emphase the critical contribution of technology to teaching” (p. 67). To me, this shift doesn’t really make a difference, Technology was already emphasied. I’m not sure what it adds,



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  1. Emma
    January 21, 2016 at 5:00 am (4 years ago)

    Hi Jordan,
    I agree that it is much easier to develop technical and content knowledge because it is what we need to know when we enter our classrooms each day. We ask ourselves: What am I going to teach and why? What tools can I use to do it? I also believe that this is because a great deal of teacher PD particularly surround iCT is linked to to these areas.
    As tech leaders I think we need to be constantly to ask ourselves: What is the most effective teaching strategy to use technology to help our students achieve their learning outcomes?
    This is really why I started this degree, I wanted to find out what research was being conducted about the best pedagogies to use when teaching students specific content and skills with technology. So far the only new and ICT specific pedagogy that I’ve come across is the i-Ped Pedagogy for teaching students how to create digital learning products. What has stuck out to you?


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