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Digital Essay Proposal Take 2

Connected Learning:  concepts and practices for high-school curriculums

Question:  What concepts and practices should high-school teachers embed in their curriculums to foster connected learning in the information environments of the digital age?

Tool:  Blog – By using this space, I will be able to include examples, video, audio and links to extend understanding of the concepts and practices presented.


Throughout this subject we have been exposed to the concepts and practices for the digital age.  Many of these practices will have impacts for current students whose learning and working lives will require the mastering of these skills for success.  It is not enough that that the Teacher-Librarian, Deputy Principal or other specialist in the school understand these concepts. If students are to experience growth in these skills then they need to be embedded in classrooms across the curriculum.

The Australian Curriculum Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA) stipulates the embedding of digital literacies into learning areas across the curriculum in the Information and Communication (ICT) general capability.  (ACARA, 2014, ICT capability across the curriculum, Para 1)  In particular, ACARA informs us that students need to develop skills in:

  • Applying social and ethical protocols and practices when using ICT
  • Investigating with ICT
  • Creating with ICT
  • Communicating with ICT
  • Managing and operating ICT

(ACARA, 2014Organising elements, Para 7) These skills have also been among those highlighted throughout the modules presented in INF530. If these abilities are to be developed in all subjects then it stands that teachers need skills in these areas also.  It is essential that schools investigate methods of supporting teachers in achieving and implementing the ICT general capabilities into their subjects.

Within our school context, we recently conducted a survey into the use of the College’s information services.  It was identified through this survey that professional development is necessary among existing teaching staff in digital literacies and digital citizenship in order for the ICT general capability to be embedded in classrooms.  This essay will provide an introduction for high school teachers to four concepts and practices that foster connected learning in the information environments of the digital age:

  • ethics & citizenship;
  • information literacy;
  • connections; and
  • creativity.