The Internet from Web 1.0 to 3.0 in 25 years


The general public first experienced The Internet as a place to browse or surf for information. They could read material on static web pages but without coding knowledge could not otherwise participate online. The Internet changed from Web 1.0 to Web 2.0 when users began to be able to upload and create content. Forums, blogs, wikis and YouTube are all examples of Web 2.0 platforms that allow user generated content. The introduction of social media platforms took Web 2.0 to another level because they allowed users to communicate with each other. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+ are all examples of social media platforms. (Schwerdtfeger, 2013) The following video provides a concise explanation of this evolution of The Internet.

What’s next?

The Internet in currently evolving into Web 3.0 and this will bring with it new platforms that bridge the gap between the off-line world and the on-line world. These platforms will provide a filter of information between the user and reality. This is referred to as augmented reality (Schwerdtfeger, 2013). These platforms will also bridge the gap between the off-line and on-line world by moving beyond computing devices to incorporate other objects in what is being referred to as The Internet of Things.

The following two videos provide a concise introductory explanation of Augmented Reality and The Internet of Things:

Augmented Reality explained by Common Craft (2010):

The Internet of Things explained by Mashable (2014):

In a presentation for the Edtech National Conference held in Brisbane on 3rd June, 2014, Judy O’Connell shared her insights into how Web 3.0 will impact learning environments. These insights have been shared on the following presentation:

Preparing for the Impact of Web 3.0 from Judy O’Connell


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