Commencing Social Networking for Information Professionals

Week 1 – Getting Started

It is with enthusiasm that I begin my studies in INF506:  Social networking for Information Professionals at CSU.  The subject promises to examine the social, cultural, educational, ethical and technical management issues faced by professionals who work in socially networked environments (Wallace, O’Connell and Hsang Lui, 2014, para. 3).

Appropriately, the subject will predominantly take place on Facebook.  We will be contributing to the multitude of activity conducted in Facebook.  This “tubechop” of the video from Module 1 shows a snapshot of the activity that takes place on Facebook every 20 minutes.

The first task in this subject is to construct our own definition of social media.  Here is mine:

Social networking involves using digital tools to connect with people and groups to share news, knowledge, opinions, ideas, images and resources.  When people participate with social media, they are engaging in a conversation.  The power of social media is that it is mobile, dynamic, rapid, convenient and global.

The social networking sites I currently use for personal, work and study purposes include:

Personal – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Pinterest, Diigo (and in the early stages of using Google+)

Work – Facebook, Twitter, Diigo, Pinterest (and in the early stages of using Instagram and investigating Google+)

Study – Facebook, Twitter, Diigo, Flickr

By completing INF506, I hope to achieve the following goals for both my personal and professional use of social networking:

  • examine and interrogate the effectiveness of existing practices;
  • explore methods to improve the effectiveness of social networking; and
  • develop a set of good practice points and recommendations for future involvement in social networking

My initial idea for the Social Networking Report (#assignment 3) is to conduct a case study into our library use of social media to investigate how well we are satisfying user needs in our community.  This will be timely as we are currently entering into a re-design phase of our digital library and learning space.



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