INF537 Blog Post #4 Colloquium One – – ABC Splash

The identification and reflection on digital technologies for education this semester provide important opportunities to develop, practice and refine areas of expertise through participatory learning frameworks. Digital environments such as online conference meetings have the potential to reshape the way education, civics and citizenship and, dare I say, even politics are conducted. As more of our personal, cultural and social interactions move online, the opportunity to participate in online discussions will provide much needed experience in these areas.

The first guest colloquium with Annabel Astbury provided valuable opportunities to listen to her ideas about the ABC Splash resources for education in Australia. Annabel provided thoughtful insights and explanations into the mechanics, analysis, evaluation and creation of ABC Splash resources for the Australian Curriculum. Listening to the questions from fellow students was thought provoking and provided motivation to develop, refine and create questions that could assist in developing an understanding about how these technologies could be implemented soundly in the classroom.

Discussions following our first colloquium have focused on how digital resources can provide opportunities of participatory culture for students to create, collaborate and publish their own work online. ABC Splash live event hosts Bajo and Hex have conducted online colloquia that focuses on arguably kids favourite subject, computer games. Interviews with expert game designers in Games from Scratch were made more participatory through backchannel comms where viewers could post their own live questions. Further engagement was encouraged through a competition for game design and the publication of participants work on the Games from scratch competition page.

The INF537 colloquia provided a significant insight into the valuable resources at ABC Splash as well as further experience in online conference and participatory environments. These technologies are being utilised by ABC Splash to create digital environments that are engaging and encourage lifelong learning. The non- commercial environment of the ABC also provides an important example for further critical analysis of digital technologies beyond the classroom. With further experience in analysing the data provided by digital mediums such as ABC Splash a more detailed picture about the significance of these digital education resources can be created and assist in the development of participatory digital resources.

One thought on “INF537 Blog Post #4 Colloquium One – – ABC Splash

  1. Iain, I agree with many of the points that you have raised. I particularly agree with the importance of the education sector focussing our efforts on encouraging students to create artifacts that could be published via a site like ABC Splash.
    I think the site also presents opportunities for our students to more critically evaluate if an artifact actually caters to their needs for a task or might it just be fun.
    I have been using ABC Splash with my class and I agree wholeheartedly with the advantage of ABC Splash being non-commercial. Using some commercial sites can lead to all sorts of interesting issues arising.
    It will be interesting to see, over time, how the analytics discussed in the second colloquium impact. Interesting times.

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