Addressing the Issues of Copyright and Plagiarism when using the Internet for Research in Year 11 Modern History

Addressing the issues of copyright and plagiarism in the introduction of Year 11 Modern History can also provide teachers with a valuable opportunity to explain the positive and negative aspects of using the internet for research. Roblyer and Doering (2013) suggest that teachers address copyright and plagiarism issues by teaching students about the rules and using websites designed to check for plagiarism and copyright issues. In the introduction to any internet based activity it would be useful for teachers to revise the rules of copyright and plagiarism briefly and if further clarification was needed, students could be referred to an educational tutorial called All My Own Work’  by the New South Wales Board of Studies [NSW BOS] (2011) that has been designed to address these issues. All My Own Work’ is an engaging set of internet self- paced tutorial style modules for students to complete at the conclusion of Year 10. Modules three and four address Plagiarism and Copyright (NSW BOS, 2011). Brief revision of this tutorial as a class activity when introducing internet based activities in Year 11 Modern History may encourage students to develop their referencing skills and help them avoid issues of plagiarism and copyright.




Roblyer, M. and Doering, A. (2013). Integrating Educational Technology into Teaching: Pearson New International Edition. Pearson Education Limited. Kindle Edition.

NSW BOS (New South Wales Board of Studies) (2011). HSC: All My Own Work. Retrieved from:

5 thoughts on “Addressing the Issues of Copyright and Plagiarism when using the Internet for Research in Year 11 Modern History

  1. Thanks for sharing the BOS link to the online modules. I bookmarked it using the website so I can refer to it in the future. I think it is a great resource and I will definitely revisit it when I start teaching. Thanks for sharing.
    p.s. the delicious website is a great way to bookmark websites using tags so you can access your bookmarks on any computer from any location. You can also share your bookmarks with other people.

  2. Hi Iain, interesting read and I like the way you’ve included the BOS link as a tool for teaching students about the ethical implications of ICT use.

  3. You raised some good points here. I think it is important that students are aware of these issue. Teachers can’t expect student to automatically know about things like copyright. But we should always keep in mind that we should approach this in an interesting way for students so they don’t just dismiss it as something as unimportant or boring. We should make it interesting when teaching them about these important issues.

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