My thinking space


Welcome to my blog.

I hope you will join me on my journey into the world of blogging. It’s always much more fun when there are good companions to share adventures with along the way!

Not all those who wander are lost. J.R. Tolkien

Happy travels fellow bloggers.


9 comments on “My thinking space
  1. Hello Hyacinth!
    How are you? You are sorely missed here at QUT’s transform team. But you will be pleased to know we had a great presentation/Demonstration of what we have been building in D2L. Susie Vaughn was there as well as David Fagan and they both loved it! Woo hoo. Good luck with your studies I will be sure and drop in again. xoxo

    • Hi Audrey,

      Lovely to still be in touch. Yes do visit as I blog my way through the course.


    • Hi Lyn,

      Great to meet you too 🙂 Look forward to sharing my journey in the CSU Masters program


  2. Hi H,

    Great to see that you are off to a great start. I am looking forward to reading you Blog and learning from you.

  3. Hi Hyacinth,

    Great to see that you have started a Blog. I look forward to learning from you as you complete this unit.


  4. Hi Hyacinth. A great looking Blog. I am looking forward to hearing about the application of what you learn to how you craft your learning design.

  5. Hey super H! A lovely quote. Good luck on your travels, hope you learn lots. I’ll follow you and get to learn too! Your favourite Mongol.

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