Case study proposal

Case study research question and illustration


This case study will focus on students’ personal devices used for learning and teaching in year 6 and 7 to examine how students can be supported to make meaningful and empowering uses of their devices. My school is a small, independent P-12 school with approximately 50 students in year 6 and 70 in year 7. Students in year 6 continue from year 5 but in year 7 as many as 30 are new enrolments. The school’s BYOD program for years 6-12 is in its second year. Students are supported to bring any device of tablet size or larger (not mobile phones) meaning that there is great variability in capacity of devices in any classroom. I am interested to learn more about what types of devices are present; when, where and how they are used for learning and teaching, and to explore whether the variability in device type has a significant impact on either teachers or students.


Develop an understanding of how devices are being used for teaching and learning in years 6 and 7 at my school. This may indicate a need to further investigate whether BYO any Device is the best model for our context.
Develop a report for the community to assist parents in the selection of a suitable device for their child.


  • Literature review
  • Survey for year 6 & 7 students (Google Form)
  • Survey for year 6 & 7 teachers (Google Form)
  • Classroom observation
  • Interview selected year 6 and 7 teachers