My Digizen

Today I’ve been working through module 1.4 and looking at some of the Digital Citizenship curriculum resources.

Digizen includes an activity to make your own DIGItal citiZEN – a Digizen – taking you through a series of choices for your online values and wishes for yourself, friends and your world and turning it into an embeddable figure:

Some of the selections didn’t fit me too well. For example, for my wishes for myself the left hand column was problematical –

As a teacher I think I’m supposed to choose either “web sites that scan all messages to make sure everything is ok for kids” or “more safety icons so people would get a lot less viruses” but I don’t really agree or wish for either. “Web sites scanning messages” is problematic, no automated system is perfect and as has been seen in the debate about Kiddle recently it can start to look a lot like censorship; and safety icons don’t stop viruses, anti-virus software and good practices do. So anyway, I went with “someone to make a film or podcast and dedicate it to me”. Anyone up for it?

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