New tool no. 4: Quora

According to Quora┬átheir mission is to share and grow the world’s knowledge. It is an online community (a peer to peer learning platform) where members ask questions generally or specifically of other members, and answer questions asked by others. They can also up or down vote others’ responses. It is used to find answers to obscure “non-googleable” needs like “How does it feel to be CEO of a startup company” or to canvas personal opinions “should I take the job offer from Google or Microsoft”. Members can follow other members and topics – their home feed and update emails are customised accordingly.

I’ve been a member for some years (serial joiner that I am I joined up at a PD where it was mentioned) and follow a range of topics related to library, education, technology, and where I live but pretty much ignored till this task came around. What I’ve seen hasn’t inspired me. It’s not that there’s no content, just that nothing I have seen has fulfilled a compelling need. It’s a venue for people to express their opinion and if you are interested or just like to be diverted I guess you would enjoy it. I’ve been unable to excite others either: to research this post I asked “Is Quora worthwhile?” with some further detail explaining the purpose of this review. That was on April 3 but other than Quora staff changing the title to “How and why is Quora worthwhile” (perhaps they thought my version had negative connotations) I’ve had no response.

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