Content curation – the crux of collaborative learning

Content curation in 21st century education through the lens of digital literacy.

The digital essay will most likely be in Tumblr, as it is there is arguably more scope for varying features. Weebly is the alternative format. That’s still a little experimental. I will be seeking to

  • define aspects of content curation and its basis in research, particularly in the context of collaborative learning
  • consider the impact of curation on teachers and learners to create value in the classroom
  • relate content curation to the wider goal of improving digital literacy, moving towards fluency

Empowering learners and teachers to curate their own content is central to moving towards a 21st century digital fluency.  The new technological landscape demands a change in culture in schools, a paradigm shift in mindset.  Literacy is inextricably linked to connection and collaboration, and this becomes a catalyst for innovation in learning. The story of connection is a story of relationships. The value of the new technologies is that anyone can easily share content. It is not limited to teachers (or even teacher librarians) media organisations or those traditionally who exercise control and influence.

According to danah boyd, the power is now in the hands of those who control our limited attention. (boyd, 2010) The challenge for educators is to nurture a pedagogy that focuses on learners in this new context of knowledge networks, harnessing the power of new media and curated content and encouraging learners to create their own. I plan to look at how this plays out in the context of the classroom, the shifting relationships of teachers and students as learners and the effect this has on the progress from digital literacy to fluency.


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