Colloquium #4 Cathie Howe and MacICT

My favourite part of this colloquium was the realisation that for many teachers, pedagogy has become a four letter word! We’re not at uni anymore, they say.

I can’t imagine how they would react if their doctors said, sorry – not learning anymore. I know enough from my training 30 years ago to treat you now! Or the pilots who say, I trained on a DC3 so the A380 will be a snack….It’s no wonder schools have trouble articulating p_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _.

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MacICT design professional learning for teachers and schools that encourage collaboration and try to build capacity in teachers and in teams. The concept is to sustain change in pedagogy. They use a highly iterative process, according to Cathie Howe, their Executive Director. Focusing on computational and design thinking, maker spaces, take a strong stance on learning and aim to encourage teachers to be pedagogically fluent. (there’s that word again!)

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