Another Semester Begins

Another semester of study begins: Concepts and Practices for a Digital Age.

Browsing the modules, I can already see I will be challenged to think about things that have not necessarily been on my radar.

Listening to Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the World Wide Web, speak so passionately about The next Web of open, linked data highlighted our responsibility to be contributors to, not just consumers of, the web. The International Internet Preservation Consortium has me thinking about the massive amount of data that is being stored in the cloud now that my educational jurisdiction has moved to Google Apps for Education. What does this mean for us if so much of our work and that of our students’ becomes inaccessible? What keepsakes will our kids have if their best work lives in the cloud? I still have my kindergarten workbook and year 6 final exam. Amazing to look back at it and see my writing and drawing and the teachers’ handwritten comments. I absolutely love technology and my work life is very much centred around encouraging teachers to embrace technology in their classrooms. This, however, has given me pause for thought and prompted me to think about what we are doing as educators to preserve our work and the work of our students.

Some thought provoking study ahead.

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