Showcase Sessions

With 6 different rooms to choose from, this session provides many opportunities to hear from colleagues across all of our schools about some innovations they’ve recently developed and applied to subjects they deliver. Although most rooms will feature 2 x 20 minutes presentations, accompanied by 10 minutes of discussion and questions, the Pitch Zone (room 127 in the Engineering building) will be the site of 6 Pecha Kucha presentations from 6 different academics in 6 different schools – all in one hour!  Every presenter in every room will be addressing the following:

  • What were you trying to achieve?
  • What did it look like?
  • How well did it work?
  • How can I make this happen?
Room Time School Presenter(s) Session details
108 (Yellow) 9:50am Study Centre Melbourne Ali Syed A multifaceted approach to facilitating international student learning.
Chair: Nick Davis 10:20am Accounting & Finance Emmett Berry/Jahan Khan Blending delivery for small on campus subjects (ACC322)
109 (Blue) 9.50 am Computing & Maths Jo Parker Enhancing business readiness using engaging group work (ITC218)
Chair: Mike Kemp 10:20am Study Centre Sydney Helen Bothma /Suzanna Mahinder Enhancing business readiness: the Study Centre experience (HRM502)
110 (Red) 9.50 am Study Centre Sydney Angela Maag Using rubrics to drive student self-assessment in more than just assignments
Chair: Jenny Kent 10:20am Psychology Rachel Dryer A pilot study on incorporating web accessibility principles in an Interact2 Subject site (PSY204)
111 (Gold) 9.50 am Engineering Jim Morgan Exploring the CSU Engineering Model: our successes, our challenges and our lessons learned.
Chair: Felicity Small 10:20am Policing Phil Joyce/Catherine McCarthy The Problem Based Learning (PBL) approach to training police officers in NSW.
218 (Lounge) 9:50am Psychology Rachael Fox Engaging undergraduate psychology students in participatory research (PSY309)
Chair: Donata Muntean 10:20am Centre for Law and Justice Annette Gainsford/Alison Gerard Embedding Indigenous Cultural Competence in the Bachelor of Laws


Pecha Kucha session (room 127, Pitch Zone)

After 3 presentations (7 minutes each) there will be a small amount of time for discussion, chaired by Carole Hunter

Time School Presenter(s) Session details
9.50am Centre for Law & Justice Cath McFarlane Using prison and court visits and guest lectures from the judiciary, police, lawyers and convicted criminals to stimulate interaction between online and face to face cohorts (JST203).
9.57am Customs and Excise Greg Weppner Course based approaches to using online discussion forums.
10.04am AGSPS Ian Manock (Daren Jay) Automating bookings for consultation, animations for starting discussions (JST313)
10.11am  Discussion
10.20am Computing & Maths Yeslam Al-Saggaf Using You Tube videos to engage students (ITC114/ITC423)
10.27am Management & Marketing  Jodie Kleinschafer The use of the Peer Review tool in scaffolding an organisational and market research assessment (MKT560)
10:34am Psychology  Nicole Sugden Using Dragon Naturally Speaking for captioning and transcribing videos/online meeting
10:51am  Discussion