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I am a budding teacher librarian, who lives in the Northern Territory. I love to read, cook and get creative. I have a husband and soon a baby. Previously, I worked as a casual teacher. I actually enjoy studying too, which is why I am here. I look forward to developing my understanding of what it means to be a teacher librarian in the 21st century over the course of this degree.

ETL507 Reflective Portfolio

*Disclaimer* – This portfolio is written from my perspective of being a┬ánon-practising teacher librarian. Part A – Statement of personal philosophy An effective teacher librarian (TL): designs library programs and activities which interest and engage students, works with executive, teaching and support staff to support teaching, learning, and assessment, networks with other libraries to share … Continue reading ETL507 Reflective Portfolio

ETL523 Assignment 2 Reflection

Digital citizenship: I had barely considered these words before this course. Mostly that was due to completing my undergraduate degree in 2010, when classrooms still used overhead projectors, and smart boards were slooowwwly taking off. Seven years later technology has progressed incredibly fast in society and education. This is where digital citizenship is important: it … Continue reading ETL523 Assignment 2 Reflection