ETL523 Assignment One

For the first time since my first year of undergrad in 2007, here I was, faced with group work for an assignment. It was a daunting prospect, not least because my last experience was unremarkable, but also because group work raises connotations of inflexibility, complacency from members, and just general difficulty.

However, I am thrilled to say I had a great experience. We met through Google Hangouts (synchronously) at a scheduled time every week, and this increased in the final two weeks before the assignment deadline. We used a Google doc initially for asynchronous communication, moving to our group wiki and email as the assignment progressed.

From the outset, we established what we perceived to be our individual strengths and weaknesses, although none of us let these define or dictate what we would or would not do. The very nature of the assignment meant that we were all doing and learning something new, in one way or another.

We were very lucky that we were able to get along as a group and keep moving the assignment forward. In fact, although I do prefer working individually, working in a group meant we could share ideas and benefit from the ideas of others.

Here’s my digital artefact, created with Powtoon:

We did run into issues, though these were related to issues within the wiki itself, mostly to do with formatting. When this arose, whoever had the issue made sure they informed the rest of the group, with possible suggestions to solve the problem. This was very helpful, as I personally never thought I’d have to fiddle with HTML code to format my page’s text.

Overall, this was a very useful and worthwhile assessment process, which has certainly restored my confidence in the benefit of group work.

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