Just keep swimming

Wow, in a week, my mind has been blown wide open. I had never even considered that there could be so much involved in a Teacher Librarian’s role. Here I am though, having my misconceptions and preconceived ideas confirmed or refuted completely in the process.

It is a good feeling to learn that there is so much left to learn, but so much I have learned already. From the roles a teacher librarian undertakes, to the general community impression of the role, to how a teacher librarian can maximise their influence within a school. All this and more will help me become an effective teacher librarian, with the ability to work collaboratively within a school.

I have also learnt the importance of information seeking skills, which one day, I will be able to transfer to students and colleagues. It is truly amazing that despite having so much information at our fingertips (literally), so many people have little idea of how to access this best, or even find what they want to find in the first place. This has already proven to be a valuable learning experience.

To wrap up, I suppose the single most challenging thing about study in this course isn’t the content, or the information seeking, or even the fact it’s a Masters course. Keeping the motivation going and not getting overwhelmed has always been a more challenging aspect of any course of study. Online study has its productive and not so productive days. I will ‘just keep swimming’ though, as Dory and Marlin did.


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3 thoughts on “Just keep swimming

  1. My goodness, they are my thoughts exactly Emma! So much to take in. And it is the transition to online study that I am also finding most challenging. I get so confused with the different 2.1, 2.1., 2.3’s and I post in the wrong places and on the wrong things! But I am getting better. You seem to be going great guns. Goodluck with the rest of the course. And if you ever feel like your’e alone in wasting an entire day just trying to figure out what to read, what activity to do and what forum to post in, know that I have probably spent a lot longer stuffing around ;). So great to be learning again though 🙂 Keep up the awesome work.

    1. Thanks so much for the feedback! It is getting easier, but still a big change, especially from the last time I studied. Thanks also for having a look at my blog – very good to know it’s getting some attention.

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