Just the beginning…

Here I am, having embarked upon this journey to become a Teacher Librarian. This wasn’t always my plan, but then life doesn’t always go to plan. Isn’t it funny how we get ideas of where we want to be and then these ideas can be completely upended?

I’m doing this course for a few reasons. For one, I love learning and considering new ideas and issues. No one knows all the answers to everything, so I can learn from others and hopefully, in some small way, people can learn from me.

That brings me to the next reason for doing this masters. I love to teach. I love to see the look on student’s faces when they understand a concept, or when they realise what they have been asked to do is a lot simpler than they thought. Or even when they walk in the room, with a greeting of, “Miss, what are we doing today?” It seems even though I’ve only just begun this course, there is an emphasis on teaching students so that they understand what they have learnt and apply it to other situations.

Last of all, I love to read. While I have my favourite genres and formats, I could not access these without skills in finding information and knowing what it is I am looking for. I hope to be able to use skills I learn in this masters to teach students and perhaps colleagues as well.

So there you have it. I expect many challenges over the next couple of years while this masters is completed, but I also expect there will be rewards and invaluable learning experiences too.

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One thought on “Just the beginning…

  1. Some great thoughts here Emma. Using a blog as a professional face is a good way to promote yourself to your school community as well. Being a teacher is all about making a difference and keeping the passion/flame for learning alive in our students. As TL you have every student in the school – challenging and sooohh rewarding.

    Website design – a good looking website. Keep in mind issues for access for the disabled – this is now mandatory under federal legislation and will affect schools soon. Some general rules – avoid red/green colours (colour blindness), use lots of white space, avoid long paragraphs (website writing is more like newspaper writing), use square fonts (sans serif) such as Verdana and Arial for reading from the screen (serif fonts for reading from print eg Times New Roman).
    Looks like you are well on your way.

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