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How does the school community perceive the role of TL ?


The Student

My role as Teacher Librarian is seen as a provider for the learning hub, a designer of a comfort place, a stimulus feeder to the senses and to ignite student passions.

I design a place for students where they are encouraged to explore and to be curious. As teacher librarian I bring the world to them through a variety of information technologies, nurturing a hub of learning and a symphony of enlightenment.

I am a space maker for solace and a place to escape into the imagination and creativity of the individual. My role is to enable digital citizenship and to create a place where questions are made and answered.


The Teacher

As Teacher Librarian I am a quick, intuitive and innovative collaborator in education. My role is supportive in release from face to face, of curriculum resources and delivery.

I am consistently in consultation and provision of high quality materials to engage and develop students learning and in selection and purchase of these.  My role of sharer of new materials and to enable teachers to accessing latest information technologies and texts for the development of pedagogy.  I am a part of a team of professional learners, “Teacher Librarians support the 21st century learning goals of the Australian Curriculum through well-developed knowledge of curriculum and pedagogy, (ASLA, 2013)


The Parent

Parents see my role as providing the student with responsibility in the task of borrowing, caring for and returning books.

To parents I am a facilitator of a sharing experience between them and their children in reading and nurturing new interests. I expose their child’s developing learning and reading interests and engage them in a wide variety of literacy and digital resources in a safe, routine environment.

I am a part of the introduction and provision of information to steer and stimulate their child through literacy and information technologies and to immediate and future digital and global citizenship.


The “Admin Folk”

I am in a partner role with administration staff in resource management and in purchase and selection of materials to support the wider school community. I am a distributer of information services to the school “and promote the effective use of resources and information sources, systems and services both within and beyond the school.”(Australian School Libraries Associations “What is a Teacher Librarian?”).

My role is to manage and host events, an extra-curricular coordinator and I am a reciprocal link to the school community through Book Week, author visits, chess competitions , etc.


The Community

My role is to introduce to the child to how communities function and stimulate interest in culture, heritage and history of the local community. My role as librarian provides the first experience for children of library borrowing systems, gathering of interest groups, networking with peers, volunteer roles, the pursuit of individual interests and non-profit organisations. A smaller scale to interact in community functions. As quoted in the Australian School Libraries Associations’ paper (“Future learning and school libraries”), “all young Australians will become successful learners, confident and creative individuals and active and informed citizens” (MCEETYA, 2008, p.8).



“Future learning and school libraries”, Australian School Library Association (2013)

Perception (Merriam Webster Online Dictionary)

“What is a Teacher Librarian?” (Learning for the future: developing information services in schools, Second edition, p.60-62) Australian School Library Association (2018)

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  1. daniellekayewilson

    Part C – Peer Review.

    Hi Danielle,
    Firstly thanks so much for your post I enjoyed reading it, as it was easy to read. The lay out made it stand out for me. As a new user to thinkspace I found your site easy to navigate. The design is clear and straight to the point.

    I appreciated the fact that you considered the TL ‘s are in the 21st century to go to knowledge person of the school in regards to the curriculum. I particularly like this quote you have used. “Teacher Librarians support the 21st century learning goals of the Australian Curriculum through well-developed knowledge of curriculum and pedagogy, (Australian School Libraries Associations’ paper, “Future learning and school libraries”). The only advice I would give on this facet is maybe summarise this quote in your own words in stead of using a direct quote as I believe it would fit better in a blog space.

    I like how you have covered all areas of the community and used sub headings so the information is easy to find and should someone need research on one of these topics would not have to read the whole thing but all links it together. However the one thing I could critique is the fact that the question asked us to reflect on our own experiences. I understand this can be daunting if you are anything like me and have not worked in Libraries as yet. However to give you an idea I just used my knowledge from casual work as a teacher and also my days as student and the use of public libraries. If you were to add a section in reflecting on your experiences of school libraries thus far I think it would develop your recent blog post.

    Overall I think you have fantastic foundations on your post just add some reflection (1st person) of your own experiences and maybe a statement on you finally thought.

    Thanks for letting me review your work
    Keep up the good work look forward to working with you
    Danielle W

    • danielle.connolly5

      Hi Danielle
      Thank you for your positive and constructive feedback. Yes I definitely should have read the question more thoroughly and although I failed to use the first person, my discussion of the perceptions are from my experiences of how the school community sees me in my role of teacher librarian. I think I got a little carried away with creative licence thus drifting from the task. A final thought would have been a great addition, 500 words was limiting.

      Thank you

  2. manal004

    Hi Danielle! I really enjoyed reading your blog post. When I first entered your blog space, I was able to tell that your blog (like mine) is still in its early stages of development. However, I liked the simple layout and lack of “clutter” such as lots of links everywhere and disorganized posts…something that I’ve seen on other CSU blogs I’ve visited. I was able to access the post I needed to comment on quite easily. The title was clear, and I was able to read the post without having to search your whole blog.
    Now, onto the serious stuff. I believe that you thoroughly described the role of a teacher librarian as perceived by all stakeholders. Dividing your post into paragraphs made it very easy for me to read and follow how teacher librarians have benefited all members of the school community, students, teachers, parents, admin, and the wider community. You made it very clear that our job doesn’t just involve reading stories and shelving books away. I particularly enjoyed the paragraph explaining the student perspective. I personally could relate to that, as I felt that way towards my primary and high school libraries while I was growing up. IT was a place of inspiration, and brought the world to me. This is one of the factors as to why I have pursued this career (and course!).
    The information and content covers all aspects of the teacher librarian’s role to the fullest. However, you didn’t mention some of the challenges that a teacher librarian faces in order to perform her role effectively. As a teacher Librarian myself, I often find myself staying back quite late to catch up on library admin work and planning lesson for ALL stages of the school. Thus, I can say from experience, that balancing my teaching roles and admin roles can sometimes be quite stressful. I would also like to point out that while your post was easy to read and understand, it lacked the structure of a semi-formal piece of writing, as it required an introduction and conclusion. I also feel that some stronger references could be provided to support your views in a professional manner.

    Other than that, I look forward to seeing you and reading more of your posts.

    Kindest Regards,


    • danielle.connolly5

      Thank you Manal.
      Your feedback was very helpful. It has been a few years since my last degree and building my skills in formal essay writing is something I need help with.
      I agree with you about the challenges of our role. Quite often I am late in leaving the Library as there are many things to do and not enough time in the day. I try to work smarter not harder and I have a volunteer library assistant and some parents who help me occasionally.
      Thank you once again and I look forward to any more feedback you are able to provide.

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