We’re away – commencing Monday July 3!

Our schedule is of course quite flexible, but as we start out, it’s good to take our steps together in this journey of knowledge building.

Then you can launch away (yourself, with a friend, in teams) and connect with the broader #23DigThingsCSU community. 


Here’s a weekly schedule to get us launched!

July 3  A big week!  Check the introduction, read the instructions, then engage with Thing 1 A Learning Attitude.

July 10 Now you are ready for Thing 2 Going online. We want to look at this first before digging deeper, because working with and learning about digital knowledge needs us (first of all) to be sure we understand our options about ‘going online’. 

July 17  This is a great week.  This is where we start to build our #23DigThingsCSU digital community.  Of course you can tweet any time you like, but this is the week where we want you to set up a blog and start recording your thoughts and (better still) sharing your experiences!  Go on, give Thing 3 Blogging a go!

July 24 You have to love Thing 4 Organise your work.  After all, unless we are digitally fluent we do waste time, or miss the chance to leverage new ways of working. There are plenty more options we could consider – you might share them with us all via your blog!

July 31 Of course by now we have people travelling at all different paces – and that’s fine!  You can join 23Things at any time, and work with a group if you like. However, if you are working on a weekly basis we are now up to Thing 5 Building a Network.  If you never did anything more that build your network, you would still be making a radical change in your digital capacities.  Your personal learning network is vital.

August 7  Now you are up to Thing 6 Online Collaboration. Here you have a perfect companion to your PLN!

August 14  Here we are now with my favourite – Thing 7 Working in the cloud.  How can you manage without it?

August 21   In Thing 8 Power your browser we have just a few quick ideas to help you fine-tune your browser usage.

August 28 Thing 9 Working with audio is all about one of the original powerful communication tools that we may have forgotten that is still essential in our digital world.

September 4  Thing 10 Working with Video covers the essential tips and tricks.

September 11  Thing 11 Picture Perfect is possibly one of my favourites as playing around with visual images particularly in online text is just magic! Learn the rules and enjoy.

Following weeks are all progressing at a pace to suit yourself!

Thank you for joining the journey in 2017!








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