Charles Sturt University launched 23 Things for Digital Knowledge program -in July 2017.

This an online learning program is designed for university staff, students, or other interested education professionals. This is an online, self-directed course, that offers a way to improve digital knowledge and to experiment with a range of new tools.

An introduction and a task is provided for each Thing along with suggested readings and resources. The program is a way to discover and explore new digital tools that might be useful to you and also provide a framework for evaluation, reflection and for the wider integration of digital technologies within your academic, learning and teaching practice.

“We live in an age of almost infinite information and learning opportunity and so the key here is that we have to inspire people to have a sense of wonder and curiosity. And if we do that, they have what is essentially the world’s largest knowledge maching at their fingertips. If we fail at that, they have the world’s largest distraction device”.  Michael Wesch,  Kansas State University – Twitter: @mwesch

Whatever your current level of confidence, the program aims to help you develop a strategic approach to integrating digital skills into your work. You might be using some of the tools already, in which case the program will encourage you to think more deeply about how and why they can benefit your professional practice, and how to get the most out of them.

How much time and detail is Enter the programset aside for each Thing is completely up to you!

Although the program is aimed in the first instance at staff and students of the CSU, it is open-access and contains a range of useful and informative posts.

It’s well worth exploring.  The About 23 Things tab provides a bit more information. Otherwise progress to the Step-by-Step Instructions, and plan your fun exploration and learning from there.

This is NOT a MOOC, so you do not join 23Things.  However, we DO want you to share your experiences – and you can do this once you start blogging in Thing 3.






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  1. 23things are very important and useful because I learned about a range of new digital tools. This program helped me to develop a strategic approach to join in digital skills in to my studding and future work. This program will encourage me to think more deeply about how and why these tool can give benefit for my professional practice as future librarian and learning about the most out of them such as Blogging, online collaboration, working in to cloud, working with Audio, management image and tool for presenting my work.

  2. I am new to this although I am a seasoned teacher. I am interested in learning as much as I can to be a more effective teacher.

  3. I did this program as a refresher because I experimented with digital tools in 2013 as part of 23 Things. This program is more up to date so I could improve my digital skills and build on knowledge acquired in 2013. I was familiar with blogging, Facebook, Instagram, podcasts, CloudStor and EndNote but the tools in Thing 4, Organise Your Work were new to me and I would probably use them to stay organised and on track in future.
    Thank you Judy and CSU for putting this program together as it has certainly helped me to create an online presence. I just embedded the Welcome to 23 Things for Digital Knowledge YouTube video into my blog post!!

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