This free professional learning series will help you to :

  • create links between effective teaching and learning theory, digital competence and the role of digital tools.
  • use digital tools for learning and teaching
  • find and make online resources for learning

Through the program we share a few ‘Things’ about digital tools and how they can be used effectively as part of the teaching and learning process.  We will be covering lots of tools and ideas during the program and there will be activities to help you engage with the concepts discussed, test out some new things and then reflect on your experience. All of the tools will be free-to-use versions and even though many have paid pro options, we will just be sticking with the open stuff.

If you are dipping in and out of the program, that’s absolutely fine too.

In our 23 Things program you get to go through the content of a Thing, try some of the tools and links in Try This, then reflect on how they may be useful for your teaching in your own blog. (We show you how to blog in Thing3).

Each Thing takes about 30-60 minutes. You can always do as much or as little as you want!

The Explore Further section allows you to explore some concepts which are of interest to you in greater depth – this is not a requirement.

23 Things for Digital Knowledge is open-access and you can engage with as much or as little as you like: join the conversation regularly or just read the occasional blog post. You might like to use this as an opportunity to set up your own learning or research blog. We’ll be covering blogging in Thing 3 and you can then register your blog with us. If you already have a blog, let us know and we’ll add the URL of your blog to the site so that others can engage with you (and vice versa).

The program officially kicks off on Monday 3 July and officially finishes in October.  The content on the site will remain open, so you can freely dip in to the posts that most interest you and that cover digital tools most useful for your professional needs.

How exactly do you participate?

This is not a MOOC – it’s an online global participatory program, or an individual program or something in between.  Mix it up any way you like!

The best way to participate is to work individually or in groups, and follow a schedule – – – – starting with Thing 1.

By the time you reach Thing 3 you will be introduced to Blogging.  NOW you can explore blogging if it is new to you, or decide that you will join 23Things with your existing blog, where you will sometimes write posts related to your #23DigThingsCSU experiences.  Add your blog to the list, and then start connecting with others via comments, or via Twitter with the hashtag.

[If you are already a keen blogger, and ready to share, jump on over and add your participant details to the form at the bottom of Thing 3]

Things might develop from there – Judy and friends may be able to run some online meet and greet playtime sessions too – but no promises yet 🙂  Let’s see how many people we can entice to join us in this program.

There are no marks involved.  No prizes either.  But what we do have is a fantastic way to build knowledge and online connections.   This is organic, and Judy will build and grow opportunities as we see how the program goes!  If you join your blog and provide your email (private) I will keep you posted of new opportunities as they emerge 🙂

What if I need help?

Please ask!  Use the contact form, or the twitter hashtag.

We’ll try to give clear instructions on each Thing but feel free to leave comments on the blog posts with questions or tweet  with the hashtag #23DigCSU.

We hope that University members across all disciplines will participate and, since the program is self-directed, we encourage you to engage with fellow participants and with the 23 Things team. If there is demand, we hope to organise some meet-ups to look at certain tools in more depth.

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4 thoughts on “INSTRUCTIONS

  1. Good Morning…I would love to join 23 Things through CSU. I completed my Teach Librarian course there & find time limits my exploration of new tools.
    Looking forward to the exploration…

  2. Looking forward to joining #23DigThingsCSU. Like Helen, I am a CSU alumna and also find it difficult to find time to keep up with everything. 60 minutes per thing… I reckon I can manage that – especially as I have this week off 🙂

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