Facebook challenges for schools…

When people use the “check into a location” feature of Facebook, this can trigger a location page for your school. If your school has not created the Facebook page, but one exists when you search within Facebook, this is most likely the scenario. Unfortunately, there is no way of removing these pages, however you can investigate the process of claiming the pages and turn them into officially pages.
You can request to claim the Page and become its admin, or to merge the Page into a Page you already manage for your business.facebook-logo
To claim or merge an unmanaged Page:
1. Click Is this your business? below the Page’s cover photo
2. Follow the on-screen instructions
Keep in mind that you may be asked to provide information to verify your relationship with the business, such a business phone number, business email or documents.

Many schools, businesses and groups around the world are finding this frustrating as they are not the ones to incorrectly categorise the Page in the first place. In this situation, it’s best to ‘watch this space’, hoping Facebook will fix this issue. Report the unofficial Page and suggest the category be changed to ‘school’.

Keep working on an excellent official Page and drive your current school community to ‘Like’ that Page through calls-to-action in your communications and at events.

Also work towards educating your staff, students and parents that when they ‘Check-In’ at that unofficial Page, they are linking their school to the content that they post. Encourage them to be mindful of appropriateness and to set their personal profiles to ‘Friends’ instead of ‘Public’ so that their content is hidden from the Place Page.

There is more information at Facebook community information

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