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I am now in the final weeks of INF532 Knowledge Networking for Professionals – a subject that has had a significant impact on my professional knowledge, skill and competence. Over the course of this subject, I was lucky enough to form a support group that enabled me an opportunity to express my thinking in an informal context and share the common struggles that most students experience. Claire H was a member of this group, along with Sam L, who both embody the disposition of a connected educator – willing to reach out, take risks, actively engage in professional learning and most importantly contribute to a professional learning network.

I viewed Claire’s digital artefact Making a Connected Learner | Part One Google+ Communities and was impressed with the quality of the video. From a cognitive load perspective, I believe the introduction was executed perfectly with clear learning objectives expressed to the viewer with simple text simultaneously accompanying each objective. I was not familiar with the term ‘Professional Learning Committee’, I read Claire’s exegesis and had come to realise that this is a term used in her work context. The video utilised Powtoon to unpack what a Professional Learning Committee is for the viewer and then unpacked how an educator can use Google+ Communities to build a PLC, contribute to and invite members. I believe this approach is beneficial, but feel modelling for educators how to search for and join already established Google+ Communities would best model the practices of a connected educator, and benefit the PLCs within the context of the intended audience  because the educators involved would be exposed to a broader network of professionals with diverse experiences and  information; to then draw on when making contributions to the PLCs. I applaud Claire’s artefact for the references and sound academic basis with which has evidence the content coupled with a fluent use of media to engage and inform the intended audience.

I had recently listened to a podcast with Elon Musk who discussed the bandwidth limitations of the human brain when receiving information – viewing the screencast within this artefact reminded me of how powerful this medium is for modelling the skills required to build a professional learning committee but especially when in the hands of a talented educator.

Image Credit: Claire Hazenberg, Screenshot, Making a Connected Learner | Part 1: Google+ Communities


Hazenberg, C. (2018, August 29). Making a Connected Learner | Part 1: Google+ Communities (Video File). Retrieved from

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