Putting my PLN to the test…

The criteria for my INF532 Digital Artifact assignment requires me to make reference to Instructional Design models by addressing my understanding and application for creating my digital artefact. There are a number of models available with an overwhelming pool of information online I knew that I would benefit from speaking to someone with knowledge and experience of these models.

On the 22nd of August, at at around 7am I was working on my assignment and the need to further understand instructional design models was more prevalent than ever – so when working on an assignment about Knowledge Networking, it made sense to put this network to the test.

I opened LinkedIn and searched for ‘Instructional Designer’ and connected with the first five (legitimate) profiles of professionals who identified as Instructional Designers. At around 8am Mark Parry Instructional Designers and Senior Lecturer for SAE Institute) had accepted my connection request and immediately I asked if I could speak with him regarding instructional design, to which he was happy to agree to  (see Fig, 1). I had a 20min conversation with Mark were he was happy to allow my to record for future reference, then share has a blog post for further citation.

Mark’s willingness to contribute his knowledge is a clear example of the personal actions, principles even philosophies that make learning in the network era so beneficial. This experience has really allowed my to understand on a deeper level why participation is so very important for knowledge networking – since I was a clear beneficiary.

Below is a recording of our conversation – another knowledge networking digital artefact.

Thanks Mark Parry for your support!


Figure 1 – a region screenshot from message correspondence on linkedin

Image Credit: LinkedIn, Logo of LinkedIn, commons.wikimedia.org, Public Domain

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