OLJ Creation and First Entry for INF506

Define what social networking is (in your own words)

Social networking is the name given to the participatory nature of information sharing amongst individuals, groups and organisations. The mode of information sharing includes both physical and virtual exchanges that are both synchronous and asynchronous in nature. The concept of social networking involves the idea that individuals, groups and organisations act as nodes in an information network with each node potentially having inherent biases based on cultural, political, age, geographical, financial and even biological factors that can provide nuance in the epistemological nature of information exchanges.


List what social networking technologies and sites you already use (for personal, work and study purposes)


Within my professional context, I engage in a number of online social networking sites such as Twitter, Google+, Google Meets and Emailing to participate in information sharing. Personally, I have a Facebook account that I use to predominantly share aspects of my life with a select group of people that are made up of my family and a select group of people whom I believe are a mixture of close friends and acquaintances. With regards to my study, I use closed discussion forums to engage with peers within my subject and Adobe Connect to engage with my subject lecturers and peers within the subject as well.


Describe what you expect to learn from completing INF506


I expect to learn about the motivations of individuals, groups and organisations who engage with online social networks. My presupposition, that is individually motivated, is that INF506 as an opportunity to pragmatically find alignments and opportunity to develop professionally and personally to better grow as an individual and contributor to my own social networks both physically and online. I want to evaluate my beliefs on the nature of online social networking and address what I believe is a tool that as great capacity for malevolence and benevolence. I want to address my initial motivations for selecting this subject which are, to be frank, find a way to better promote myself as an educator in a market filled with an overabundance of self-promoting that maximise visibility with little value added to the greater network. I would like to engage with this subject to find real purpose in my online engagements.

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