Project update October 2016

Survey and focus groups on park usage

A survey on park usage in Albury through AlburyCity Have a Say has recently closed. The survey collected information on how people use urban parks, and what they value in a park. The survey was open to all people who use Albury’s parks, but older residents and their carers are particularly encouraged to complete the survey.

Focus groups with older residents have been run in September and October to further explore the reasons people in this age group do or do not use parks, and what features they would like to see changed in their local parks.

The results of the survey and focus groups will be used to help formulate the spatial model determining how “attractive” each park is, in particular to older residents.

Spatial data and modelling

We are fortunate that AlburyCity has a very good spatial database of their urban parks. We are in the process of classifying all public open space in Albury and recording size, function and facilities. Together with information from the survey, focus groups and literature, the parks will be assigned a score which indicates how likely older people are to visit each park. This will then be combined with census data and roads (including paths and trails) to create different sized demographic catchments around each park.

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