Project update April 2017


143 respondents completed electronic or paper surveys about their usage of urban parks in Albury. From these survey results, we can analyse how often and why people visit parks in Albury. We also asked how important different facilities and features of parks are, how people get to parks and who they go with. In preliminary analysis, we found that some features are particularly important to older people, such as flat terrain and paved walking tracks.

Focus groups

Focus groups were carried out in November with a range of older residents in Albury, including a walking group, exercise groups and a mixed group of older residents. The discussions in these focus groups allow us to dig deeper into what older people find important and the reasons they do or don’t visit local parks.

Park observations

In December we carried out multiple observations at 15 different park locations in Albury, at different times of day on both weekdays and weekends. These observations give us crucial information on the demographics using different parks and the types of activities carried out.

Spatial modelling

All spatial data has now been compiled, digitised, checked and coded, including park types, park facilities, terrain, shade, accessibility and walking networks. We are now able to model the size and population of the catchments that each park is likely to “attract”. Initial modelling is currently being fine-tuned in preparation for consultation with AlburyCity.

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