Hello! Don’t you look lovely today. Welcome to the Inside – it’s bigger here. 🙂
Ok, so let me explain my “Bigger on the Inside” metaphor. I’m a little obsessed with Doctor Who, I adore Neil Gaiman, I love books more than is appropriate for an inanimate object, and Amanda Palmer sings the words of my soul.

If you haven’t heard Amanda Palmer’s song “Bigger on the Inside” it’s totally worth a listen. In “The Doctor’s Wife”, a Doctor Who episode written by Neil Gaiman, Idris, aka the TARDIS, aka Sexy, refers to people as “so much bigger on the inside.” And who hasn’t fallen in love with the world of a book – between a couple of pieces of cardboard, written on the back of a dead tree, words create worlds, and ideas, and experiences.

So, Bigger On The Inside is about the capacity for things to be so much more than what they appear. Words, books, libraries, people … they all contain the power to surprise, to enlighten, to expand the world of those around them. To create life.

It’s in that vein that this blog exists. Created as part of the requirements of my Masters of Education in Teacher Librarianship, which I’m attempting to study whilst working and being a mother and wife and friend and not totally losing my shit. I could be optimistic and say you’ll discover many librariany musings along the way, but let’s be realistic – I’ll probably only get time to post anything that’s required by the course, no matter how lofty my intentions are at this early stage.

Anyway, thanks for dropping by. It’s lovely to see you. If you’d like to hear some Amanda loveliness, watch this video – for me, it captures perfectly the power of stories, and the importance of those of us who create them, curate them, and share them with those who need them most. (Skip to 1:45 if you don’t want to hear Amanda talking about why she wrote the song … but she is wonderful, so I’d recommend listening to her!) 🙂

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