Embarking on my Digital Essay

Topic- Teachers: The need to become productive knowledge workers in 21st Century teaching and learning environments. Digital Space to be used- I have decided that I will create a page […]

Module 5.1 states- “The job description for an information leader today must address the┬áneed to develop awareness and use of social media, the ubiquitous use of technology for learning, 21st […]

Connected Learning and Digital Literacy

The world is moving at such a rapid pace and new, significant advances to technology and digital environments are happening exponentially. As educators, it is vital that we keep up […]

Digital Citizenship for Students

What are the challenges of introducing digital citizenship to young people (students)? How can digital citizenship awareness be supported by current research? Which research is the most useful to a […]

Concepts & Practices in a Digital Age

As a connected educator in a digital age I know that there is no ignoring the quality integration of digital technologies in the classroom. With the evolution of technology and […]

What are important messages and understandings we should be remembering and sharing with colleagues to inform our approach to teaching and learning in the digital world? How have mobile and […]


I am really looking forward to ETL523. I have started a new position this year and know that this subject will be extremely beneficial to my position and my own […]