Observation Task

After reviewing the assessment guidelines, I decided to choose a space in my school to observe and document for Blog Task 2. I decided to observe a space that I […]

Social & Community Driven Reading

  Yes. With the emergence of digital literature and the vast access we have to social networking and online communities, I do agree that readers are as described by James […]

Experiencing Digital Literature

Over the past few days I have been browsing and reading through the modules hoping to decide on my three different forms of digital literature for the first graded assessment […]

Digital Literature - My Thoughts

As an educator often engaged in digital literature I become somewhat annoyed at the constant digital v print debate. I choose to read ‘digitally’ because that is what works for […]

  Here is my ‘sketch’ for the first module task for #INF563. This whole task made me cringe, I hate drawing (as you can probably tell from the above representation). […]

Since embarking on ETL523 I have been able to consolidate a lot of my prior learning as well as expanding on this and developing a deeper understanding of concepts related […]

On Friday night I attended the 2014 Victorian Education Excellence Awards dinner at Crown Palladium in Melbourne. I attended this dinner as a guest, as last year I won the […]