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Here is my ‘sketch’ for the first module task for #INF563. This whole task made me cringe, I hate drawing (as you can probably tell from the above representation). I know that the artistic side has little to do with me noticing and observing things around me that were designed for a purpose but…since it said ‘sketch’ in the module, I just kept putting it off. Anyway, I digress….

This task called for spending 30 minutes observing and noting things that have been designed for a purpose. I chose to observe the cafe I visit each morning on my way way to work. 
What I noticed: 
  • Comfortable booth seats, placed in two separate areas which can accommodate up to 8 people. 
  • Small square tables with a seat on each side, the tables can be moved and changed according to bookings. 
  • As soon as you enter through the automatic doors you are at the counter, which is situated right next to the coffee machine- easy access for busy mornings when all you need is a take away coffee. 
  • There is clear space at the front of the entire length of the counter- allows thoroughfare easily without knocking tables / chairs. 
  • Hanging lights above the main counter. 
  • Retractable door- in the cold mornings this is often shut (I assume it is to warm a smaller area more quickly)…the doors open onto another area which has more tables, enabling the space to accommodate more customers. 
  • TV mounted to the wall.
  • Drink fridge & cake display all located near the cash register.













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  1. Hi Bec,
    I don’t frequent coffee shops all that often but this layout seems fairly standard, would you say?
    The design of this, and many coffee shops, tend to have the take-away market catered for – step in, order coffee, look to see if there is a cake you must have, grab a bottle of water and then out you go. It is good that this design allows for people to move around the service area without being inhibited by furniture. Do the booths accommodate 8 at each? That is a very generous space for a coffee shop. I wonder if they actually get individual groups of that max size? If so, it would certainly encourage groups to use the space, probably for an extended stay. I often wonder about TVs in areas like this – great for catching the morning news. Can you hear the TV? I find it frustrating when a TV can’t be heard but realise that if it is loud that would also be a problem with people trying to converse.


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