1. Thanks for your professional and comprehensive thoughts Bec.
    I would challenge educators to think of Digital Literacy as more than a genre. It is now a life skill that we all need to develop.

    Happy teaching.


    • Thanks for the comment Simon, I definitely agree- maybe I need to think about that more. I suppose the idea is that it isn’t considered an add on…


  2. We are all thinking here and what I am liking about blogging is that I can go in and rehash some of my words. ..and spelling mistakes. Ideas can be mulled over and rethought.

  3. Judy O'Connell

    I’ve actually read your post a couple of times in the last few weeks, and never put finger to keyboard to reply. I should have – but what I really liked and responded to was the strong connections you made between research writing on digital literacy, and the place and way it’s articulated in school curriculum settings. Being aware of the directions that curriculum pulls us, and then setting the core skills and competencies, like information literacy, both within and beyond the curriculum allows that flexibility to keep evolving our teaching practice. After all, it’s all about the learning opportunities for the kids. You students must be getting buckets of Bec wisdom every day!


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