Concepts & Practices in a Digital Age

As a connected educator in a digital age I know that there is no ignoring the quality integration of digital technologies in the classroom. With the evolution of technology and the internet, it is obvious that the world has changed and as a result students have changed. The students we teach are now more exposed to a global community through the use of technology from a younger age. Whether educators like it or not, this changes how and what we should be teaching.

The 21st Century Vision from my school states-

“At Aitken Creek Primary School we aspire to be leaders in incorporating eLearning strategies into all areas of the curriculum. Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) will be an integral component of classroom practice and will be used to engage and empower both students and teachers. Our students will be prepared to become digitally literate, innovative and confident users of digital technologies. They will be critical, creative, confident thinkers and active, lifelong members of a global community.

Teaching of ICT at AItken Creek will focus on providing students with the tools to transform their learning and to enrich their learning environment. Learning in this way will enable students to focus on the task to be accomplished rather than on the technology they are using to do the work. Students will be provided with tools and strategies to monitor learning patterns and problem solving strategies. This will provide a sound foundation for transforming personal learning. Our students will gain an understanding of Internet protocols and strategies for exchanging information, which will enable them to share and challenge their own and other people’s ideas and solutions with a global audience.”

21cCommunication   –   Collaboration 

Creativity   –   Critical Thinking

In essence I would hope that studying #INF530 gives me the same opportunities that I envisage for the students at my school. I want to be challenged to think critically about my role as an educator in a digital age, collaborate with inspiring educators, communicating to share ideas, reflect and be challenged. I want to think creatively and use tools that I have not used before.

As I have recently undertaken a new leadership role, I want to be able to inspire teachers at my school to embrace the skills and strategies needed to teach effectively in the digital age. In order to do this, I need a deeper, more academic and critical understanding. It is all well and good to know how to use tools but the why is incredibly important.

I hope that #INF530 will give me the opportunity to learn, share and reflect on educating students in a world where technological advances are moving so rapidly, a world where the only constant we know is change.


  1. I always love when people embark on new learning purposefully and joyfully. Your goals show how much you are thinking about what you and your colleagues need. I wish you happy learning!


  2. Welcome Bec – so good to see you launched into this subject. Your work has already been so valuable to our cohort, that having you even more to ourselves is really special 🙂


    1. Thanks for your kind words Judy. I am really enjoying the readings. I am looking forward to getting stuck into more of my book for the scholarly book review too. Thanks for putting together such a valuable subject and course as a whole.


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