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Title: How will Pokémon Go Play Out?

Author: Jennifer Marino Walters

Published: 2016, Scholastic News

This magazine article briefly explains how Pokémon Go works and discusses the danger of being distracted whilst playing.  Please click on the link below to read the article.  If you have trouble viewing this article or have any questions please contact the library.

How will Pokémon Go Play Out?

Walters, J.W. (2016). How will Pokémon Go Play Out? Scholastic News Online. Retrieved from

News Video

Title: ABC BTN (Behind The News) – Pokémon Go

This 4 minute video takes you into the world of a Pokémon Go player and will show you what all the fuss is about.  It also explains some of the pros and cons of the game. Have fun watching.  Please contact the library if you are having trouble viewing this video or would like more information on this topic.

ABC news video and transcript – Pokemon Go

ABC btn. (2016). Pokémon Go. Retrieved from




Image by Noelia. Retrieved from Flickr Creative Commons


Are you fan of Pokémon Go? Try your luck at this quiz on the ABC btn website.

Pokemon Go Quiz

ABC btn news. (2016) Retrieved from –


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