Search and Evaluation Tips

Evaluating journal articles

This 3 minute video by The University of Queensland outlines the C.A.R.P criteria which can help you evaluate resources.  Remember ‘currency’, ‘authority’, ‘reliability’ and ‘Purpose’. The library is here to help you with all your research needs.  If you have any questions please drop by the library and say hello or you can contact us here.

University of Queensland (n.d). Evaluating Information Sources. Retrieved from


You can access State library of Queensland (SLQ) One Search by clicking on the link below.  This page enables you to search lots of great databases (basically a collection of journals and online materials), journals. books and other resources.  If you are not a member of SLQ you can click on the ‘login’ button in the top right hand corner of the page. Then click on the Register here and follow the instructions. 


Redwood Cubone

Image by Christchurch City Libraries (Redwood Cubone). Retrieved from: Flickr Creative Commons

There are many public libraries located in the local area. Click on the link below to find your closest.

Public libraries contain a wealth of information and are often Poké stops.  They are also great places to charge your phone battery.  Check out you local public library today!

Search Tips

Searching for resources can be time consuming. Using the right key words and phrases can help you locate resources quicker.  Try using keyword phrases such ‘Pokémon Go and health’ or ‘Pokémon Go and safety’.  Please contact the library if you need help finding or evaluating information.  Remember – we are help to help.

Magnifying glass

Image retrieved by Eduard Popescu. Retrieved from Flickr creative commons


Please click on the link below to access a children’s Encyclopaedia.  You can browse and search different topics of interest. You can contact the library for free access to this online reference resource.  You might find this resource helpful for completing assignments.

Kids Britannica

Encyclopaedia Britannica. 2016. Retrieved from –



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