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If you are visiting this site you are probably wanting to know more about Pokémon Go.  Below is a list of resources that may help answer some of your questions.  If you have any more questions or have trouble locating resources please don’t hesitate to contact us on phone: + 61 7 3999 9999 or email:

Below are two websites that contain current, authoritative and reliable information.  There is also a link to the Pokémon Go privacy policy.

Stay Smart Online:

‘Stay Smart Online’ is the Australian Government’s online safety and security website’.

Be aware when playing Pokémon Go (22 July 2016)

On the 22nd July 2016, a ‘Moderate alert priority’ was posted on the stay smart online website regarding Pokémon Go. You can access this alert by clicking on this link . The alert outlines safety concerns about playing Pokémon Go and contains helpful safety tips.  If you would like to sign up for Stay Smart Online Alert Service click on the link below.  It’s a free service and you just need to provide your email address.


Australian Government – Office of the Children’s eSafety Commisioner Website

Australian Governement – Office of the Children’s eSafety Commisioner. (2016) Retrieved from

This Australian website informs and promotes staying safe online.  This link takes you to common questions and answers on Pokémon Go and includes the recommended age and links to other topics such as cyberbullying and education resources.  If you scroll to the bottom of the page you can also click on the tab ‘Games, apps & social networking’.  This page allows you to find more information on your favourite game, app or social media network.


Pokémon Go Privacy policy                                              


Image by Owen Moore. Retrieved from: Flickr Creative Commons 

Niantic, Inc. (2016) Pokémon GO Privacy Policy. Retrieved from

This privacy policy explains how the company Niantic, Inc collect and use the information from Pokémon Go.  The Australian Government Office of the Australian Information Commissioner advises individuals to take responsibility for your privacy.  You can read more by clicking on the this link – Ten tips to protect your privacy










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