Slow down Simon

For some not so light holiday reading, I have downloaded a couple of books that focus on leading innovation in education.  One is The innovator’s mindset. Empower learning, unleash talent, and lead a culture of creativity (Couros, 2015).  This book has struck a cord with me and as I plow through the content my own little ideas, anecdotes and trials spring to mind…which are probably worth sharing and reflecting on.  However, my thought today is that I am reading the book far too quickly. So (deep, deep breath here) to force myself to slow down and engage more authentically with the contents of the book, I thought I should document my thoughts and reactions to each chapter as well as the end of chapter questions posed by Couros. As I do, I hope that I can bring others into the discussion, chapter by chapter.  Anyhow, the exercise will provide me with some focus in blogging while in hiatus from my M.Ed journey. If I slip in the task please give me a prod.


Couros, G. (2015). The innovator’s mindset. Empowering learning, unleash talent, and lead a culture of creativity. Available from


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