Clearing the clouds..

Is that almost Week 1 done and dusted!

I think I am only just beginning to acknowledge that I am actually ‘doing’ my Masters. I think I should say ‘engaging’ in learning. As I settle in, I can now see an enjoyable albeit challenging learning experience ahead. This Masters course is very relevant to my professional journey: –
a) classroom teaching – technology rich classrooms
b) education officer in the museum sector – where we regularly discuss learning in a digital age.

What have I achieved so far:

I am studying two subjects: Digital Citizenship in Schools (ETL523) and Concepts and Practices for a Digital Age (INF530)

Life will be busy! I have begun to engage in the copious amounts of reading and  YouTube videos while recording my personal notes and reflections into Evernote, for example see my raw notes on Digital Citizenship. I will come back and process these over time and add deeper reflections. Evernote will be my place to download my thoughts! I have also inserted a study timetable into Evernote that I can update as need be.

A Flipboard magazine titled “Digital Citizenship In Schools” has also been created.  I will use this to aggregate and share subject content that I have or am about to engage with. I learn by doing (participatory learning) and thus need to undertake these activities to promote my own personal engagement.

On a side note, Graham Clark has built a Flipboard magazine titled “Concepts and Practices for a Digital Age“. Graham has very smartly called his blog “Clouding Around“.

I have been busy on social media but that has been a part of my professional life for a few years now. However, the decision to engage in this course has provided direction to my readings and thoughts. I am already thankful for that. My challenge now is to freely share my thoughts and practices on digital education.

If interested please follow and contribute to both subject discussions on twitter via the following hashtags:

#INF530 :: Concepts and Practices for a Digital Age


#ETL523 :: Digital Citizenship in Schools

Highlights so far.

1) Digital Citizenship – A Global Perspective :: An online discussion about Digital Citizenship.

2) Organising and publishing this wiki :: I had to get it ‘just’ right and learnt a few technical things along the way.

Already I am thinking about the the concepts and practices offered by these two subjects as I go about my daily life either at school or at Scienceworks.

I am wondering what everyone else has been up to?  See you all in the forums or else on twitter.

Happy learning.


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  1. So much good sharing, Simon. I’m following your learning whilst wishing I were doing the degree (and slightly relieved that I’m not). Thank you in advance for your generosity.

    • Hiya Tania,
      Thanks for the thumbs up. I hope you learn something from my posts. I will have my hands full but trust I will learn from the challenges ahead. Happy reading 🙂

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