INF532 – Knowledge networking artefact

My knowledge networking artefact is a YouTube video titled – How to set up a WordPress blog.

The video covers the history of blogging, the benefits and some of the more popular concerns, a quick step by step break down of how to set up a blog and a recommendation for everyone to try it (took about 10 attempts at trying to say “bitten by the blogging bug”). The irony is that I have not been very good at blogging this session and I seriously need to pick up my game! I also did a few scenes covering how to create a post (including tags, categories, formatting, etc) and a few other concerns (impact on personal and professional interests) but it pushed the video out to 7-8 mins so I had to cut it a bit in the end.

I really wanted to create a fun but professional looking video – so often on YouTube you find video that is educational but dry and lacking production value. An audience can be lost very quickly (both in viewers and in trust) if the production value is poor so in addition to fixing up a lot of the video (so that I was wearing the same clothes, same lighting, etc) I created a YouTube channel with branding including channel banners and logos, you probably won’t see much of it (although I included the 3D logo design in the vid) but it allowed me to get my creative hat on and was a perfect opportunity for me to learn and play with some of the software and get some video/graphic production experience in – hopefully it added (however slightly) to the value of the artefact.

In the end, of course, it is all about deepening my understanding of knowledge networking, demonstrating that knowledge and sharing it with you!

Hardware used:

  • Canon 600D DSLR for video capture
  • Logitech H540 Headset (with Mic) for audio
  • Home PC for all the editing

Software used:

  • Hitfilm4 express (free film editing and VFX)
  • Snagit (not free but I use screen captures so much I have wanted to purchase this for a while!)
  • Audacity (free audio editing)
  • Inkscape (free vector graphics editing)
  • Blender (free 3D creation suite – graphics, animation, etc)

Also used a tonne of creative commons images from pixabay and the music was purchased through

Hope you enjoy the vid as much as I had creating it – would really like to hear your feedback, let me know what you think:

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  1. I did notice the branding and thought the video looked very professional. I wondered whether the brand was established before the assignment or whether it was part of the artefact, so thanks for the explanation.

  2. Andrew, I really enjoyed your artefact! I must have missed it on my first look at everyone’s work. I think the production features you have mentioned have a big impact and it is a fine but important line to consider. Inspired by our studies, I have recently made videos for staff and have been challenged by opposing considerations – I want video production to seem achievable for those new to flipping lessons, so do not want to create professional looking productions, but there is also the consideration that Joel Speranza notes, that viewers take approximately 10 seconds to decide whether to watch or not ( I love your animated logo and the idea of creating a channel has you well placed to continue sharing your learning and knowledge.

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