Adaptive Learning & Teaching is a commitment that increasingly diverse groups of (online) learners can/should be provided with learning experiences and pathways that are adaptive to their learning needs.

Adaptive Learning & Teaching is built upon:

Data-informed practice – using learning and teaching data/analytics to inform decision-making, reflective practice in teaching and design, and management of quality standards.

Personalised support – supporting students and their learning in targeted ways through data/evidence-based (early) interventions and feedback.

Personalised learning – using curriculum design, technology, analytics and teaching to personalise or differentiate learning pathways (content, assessments, pace and/or timing) at course, subject and/or lesson-level.

This site provides a space for learning and exchange for those interested in research and practice related to Adaptive Learning & Teaching.

The site is home to:

The CSU Learning Analytics Research Network

A community of CSU researchers working in the fields of Learning Analytics and personalised learning.

Professional Learning Resources and Activities


Information, ideas and guidance for applying Adaptive Learning & Teaching in educational practice, provided by the Adaptive Learning and Teaching Services team.