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April 25,

Hi all,

This week, I was in a hurry to complete the Annotated Bibliography. Because it was essential to read the articles and take the necessary information out of them. Even, while writing the literature review I paid more attention to plagiarism as we were supposed to take details from the research articles. Meanwhile. Now I can provide a conclusion for the bibliography. Overall, it is essential to follow the facilitated security settings in the websites by all the social network users. Nowadays, the social network website developers are putting an immense effort to provide high-quality security for the user’s sensitive information. They provide the security and privacy settings to the user to maintain it as they want. Yet, the poor knowledge regarding the settings or information technology some users are unable to use the given security facilities. The user awareness is highly expected in social networks to avoid the security issues. In addition, adults are advised to help the children or any user who got affected due to the bullying issue. Be that as it may, there are certain count measures to use the social network as solutions for the security issues. The behavior of the user, maturity of the children and technological consideration, user awareness are required to know before step into the social networks.