April 06

Hi all,
This week I was in a little bit hurry to complete several assignments. In simultaneously, I followed some journal articles within the busy schedules. Still I didn’t finalize the research articles to be used for the annotated bibliography. Hence, I followed several articles related to the topic. Then, I realized that the security issues in the social networks getting more exciting with novel research issues identified from the articles. At the beginning, there were four research issues as security issues, privacy issues, bullying issues and ethical issues. The followings are the new research issues and the scholar articles.
• Trust issues
• Political issues
• Identity theft
• Concluding thoughts of the youth

Anantharam, P., Henson, C. A., Thirunarayan, K., & Sheth, A. P. (2010, July). Trust model for semantic sensor and social networks: A preliminary report. In Aerospace and Electronics Conference (NAECON), Proceedings of the IEEE 2010 National (pp. 1-5). IEEE.

Bilge, L., Strufe, T., Balzarotti, D., & Kirda, E. (2009, April). All your contacts are belong to us: automated identity theft attacks on social networks. In Proceedings of the 18th international conference on World wide web (pp. 551-560). ACM.

Cutillo, L. A., Molva, R., & Strufe, T. (2009). Safebook: A privacy-preserving online social network leveraging on real-life trust. IEEE Communications Magazine, 47(12).

Gangopadhyay, S., & Dhar, M. D. (2014). Social networking sites and privacy issues concerning youths. Article-2 Global Media Journal-Indian Edition, Summer Issue, 5(1).

Gil de Zúñiga, H., Jung, N., & Valenzuela, S. (2012). Social media use for news and individuals’ social capital, civic engagement and political participation. Journal of Computer‐Mediated Communication, 17(3), 319-336.

I suggest these articles, for further interesting about social networks.


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